Buying all electronic skateboard parts

Buying a vesc anything except maytech preferablly ollin or something like it pm / post here with your offers

I need every part for the board so if you have something to sell just post here

motor 190-213kv bms 50-60continous

I have two enertion outrunner + mount and pulley if u like it’s 6355 190 kv for 9mm belt it’s the mech kit of the raptor 1

how much

do not need the pullys since im using sprockets

I have wheels

and 170KV 6374 motor

I’ve got some 6354 motors left. I also have mini remotes assuming you would need them…

there are the same remotes for 14£ on ebay so…

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His are most likely higher quality

Hate to trash talk but i doubt it

Ok man… It’s your board

Oh man its jlabs, then probably they are but can the wheel be removed?

They are the exact same remotes…The wheel can be removed


Oh really?

nice to hear that

I have 2 5s 5000mah turnigy lipos… 2 HXT torqueboard series connectors. And then a Torqueboard on off…

im building my own battery, thanks

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if you give up on making your own battery id gladly sell you the one Im trying to get rid of. its a 6s4p battery from torqueboards, i just removed the heatwrap from it… I can heatwrap it again once we make a deal :slight_smile: It ships with everything the package came with

I have the new generation FOCBOXes available in the UK (brand new), so no import duty/handling charges nightmare if you are in the EU

im thinking of buyingtorqueboarda vesc for 85£ im not sure if foc is worth the 35£ im really tight on the money

what are the cells specs im building a 10s4p or 12s4p so i could just dismantle them and build it aggain