Buying all electronic skateboard parts

I’ve never owned a Torqueboards VESC so I can’t comment.

Whichever brand you decide on it’s worth doing a search on the forum here to check for problems to save cash/time in the long run

they are the torqueboards Pansonic NCR18650PF cells in the 6s4p configuration, it ships with the BMS, power switch, USB ports and lcd screen

heres a link to the pack :slight_smile:


edit: I also bought the fast charger for the pack, if that helps sell my case at all :slight_smile:

i need only the cells and you got ripped off hard for that in my oppinion

you got like 50$ worth of batteries in there the bms is too weak for me to usr and so is the charger and the on off switch i already have that

i think you would sell it more easily by just parting out and sell it that way