Buying an elongboard for 300 usd

A friend wants to buy a good diy built sk8 in europe. He is willing to spend around 300usd. Any offers?

300USD and good don’t really fit in the same sentence. 600 euros and good will fit into that sentence

I dont want to stop your friend from getting an E-board, but 300.- doesn’t really cut it. Everything that could be bought for that price (currently at least) won’t be any fun in the long run. A decent battery (even only if Lipos), a Vesc and set of mounts + pulleys already puts you most cerntainly over 300.- (easily with taxes, shipping etc.)

My 2 cents on this, safe up a little longer, go about a simpel DIY yourself with the more difficult parts prebuilt (a lot of vendors of different sizes on this Forum).

The other option would be to go for a cheap but decent complete at this point. I would advise towards this option : Link. When it turns out as well as their rocket series, It probably is the best bang for the buck currently. Even sold DIY builds wont be much cheaper with a similar configuration.