Buying bms in europe


Looking for a bms for a 10s4p Samsung 25r battery pack. I found this on ebay Would it work? Or do anyone know where to get one in europe?

(Vesc + 190kv motor). Will upgrade to dual motors in the feature

Regards/ Robin

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I was just thinking of creating a thread asking if any europeans would be interested in ordering together from

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Yep will work. That´s the one lot´s of people are using here. sell BMS’s with switches?

I’m getting that one from ebay. But check out alienpowersystem. They have som bms aswell

Thanks mate! Could you also recommend a voltmeter that shows Voltage instead of battery % Those I find is ment for 30v or less

they sell the Bestech BMS. These are the two big players around. Batterysupports and Bestech.

Just a quick ebay search: Mainly from china

@L3chef not tried this one yet but looks cool. Shows voltage and % on two separate displays. For up to 80V

I would be interested.

What specific BMS? I’m getting a 10s 60a li-ion/Lipo

I have an eye on the 80,100 or 150a 10s LiPo.

If your going to do a group buy, You might want to consider the Bestech bms. They are head and shoulder above Battery Supports A 10s/80a with built in E-switch is only $49 + shipping and I believe they have a facility in Germany.

European Office: Hohenfelder Street 22 Hamburg,Germany (Zip: 22087) Tel: +49 40 238 00 5388 Fax: +49 40 238 00 538 5

I’ve heard that supower > bestech because bestech bms:es are prone to breaking.

I’ve been using Bestech on 2 builds for months and have had no issues at all. The Bestech come with heatsinks on the FET’s and heat sensors. They can handle up to 240a burst. Their Balance current is double what Battery Supports does so they balance twice as fast

Cool, I’ll look into it. Thanks!

They also allow you to fine tune adjustable parameters during the order process. Basically, they are a custom ordered bms. Still there delivery time is relatively fast.

I’m holding off a bit in this, because I might buy a ready-made battery.

Also looking for a BMS, 2x 5S 5000 mah llipo here. Batterysupports is to expensive for me, shipping to to the Netherlands is €80+. I’m very new to the world of battery charging, Connecting Bestechpower’s bms into my setup would be the same as the one from Batterysupports? Don’t see any details about that on the product page ( )

@Yecrtz I would Need one or two bms’s too. Would you mind to stay in contact with me that we can buy it somewhere together?