Buying Flipsky Vescs and Motors from BangGood?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience buying from Bang good, it was recommended in the discord the other day and was wondering if anyone else could weigh in on this retailer. I’m in Canada so I want to avoid paying duties if I can.

Looking at these motors and these VESCS

I ordered a cheaper one on other sites. Received it without any problem. If you search around you might find one under $50usdScreenshot_20190131_205039

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I got Flipsky ones from Aliexpress and when I bought them they were on sale for like 54 each. I believe they’re 60 rn

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i have ordered mine from aliexpress but it still needs to be shipped (only been 2 days) but ill keep you updated how it turns out

They deliver fine to Aus. They turn the order round quickly and have always delivered in the time frame stated.

Now is Chinese new year. Most likely they will ship after the 14th of February. Thee was a statement on Ali too. This is the time of the year when the world understand that they are in charged. Everything is paused at the moment

DHL says i will get it tomorrow we will see


then perfect!It will probably be like that. Good that they kept ship stuffs. In my case they just stopped :sweat_smile:

vesc came in yesterdag worked like it should


Beauty, thanks for tracking your progress, looks like ill be ordering from there for the VESCS and motors.

I ordered my motor’s from Banggood as well as a bunch of other things. Definitely worth it in my opinion, it removes the need for shipping prices at a cost of time. They have good CS.

I am from Quebec, and I rarely pay duty fees and sometimes I pay their duty/tax free insurance which isn’t usually much. But if you opt for express shipping which is usually through DHL you will definitely pay a fee for your order (in most cases at least). Most of my orders through Banggood/DHL were maximum 30cad fees.

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