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I’m looking to buy 40 LG HG2 cells from nkon.

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience ordering from these guys before, particularly for international orders (in my case, to New Zealand)? Their prices seem surprisingly cheap…

Some people have already ordered from nkon is trustworthy!

I’m from Europe, I oredered the cells from them not that long ago. They came very well packaged ( I was suprised! ) and also quite fast ( under week time ). All of them were at the same voltage level ( 3.51V if I remember correctly ). Also guys on endless sphere recommends this seller and you can get directly in touch with him on the endless spehere forums if you want.

I just don’t understand how can dey sell it for such a low prices. is just awesome ! ultra fast shipping and reliable stuff

Great to hear, thanks guys :slight_smile: I wonder how they’re able to sell cells at such low prices…

Anyone outside of Europe able to comment on how long their orders took to arrive?

I’m in Australia so it should be pretty similar. About 2 weeks give or take

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from what I read, they buy MASSIVE amounts of batteries from the factory. that´s how they can offer such a low price. if that´s true, it would be not just cheap, it would also be original batteries.

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I ordered from nkon more than 1000 battery,

better you ordered LG HE4 better price.

And you became LG HE4 better.

I waiting from NL to DE no longer as 3 Days.

Just to add my experience here but couldn’t be happier with my order. Got cells and nickel strips from them and was well packaged and I have no doubt genuine. All cells checked out based on weight, positive terminal shape and all cells at same voltage (3.5v for me),

Would recommend. for EU - cant comment on getting cells sent further afield.

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That’s a lot of cells… :open_mouth: I was originally planning on buying LG HE4 cells but they’re out of stock and decided I may as well spend a bit extra for cells that can store a bit more energy

Out of curiosity, any idea who their primary market is?

He is very fast sold out,

but he became the LG very fast, when you can wait one ore two Weeks

he became so al 14 Days new.

let me reply your question with 2 other questions… I know them from endless sphere, so I guess they sell to E-bike builders, E-sk8 builders, vapers?? whoelse would need 18650s?

Many people do. They are widely used in battery powered projects / flashlights / power banks etc.

I think the most VTC5 and VTC6 LG HG2 he sell for E-Cigatett Store 40%

The VTC4 for E-Bike 40%

And Panasonic, LG, and VTC5 for E-Boards 15%

5% i don’t know :joy:

But the quality was al time good.

Has anyone specifically odered LG HG2 cells from them before? Just curious as I noticed that although pretty much all the reviews on the site for those cells are 5 stars, one review mentions that the cells they received only measured out to be 2700mah as opposed to the rated 3000mah

Hi Michael, we’re in Auckland and also looking at LG HG2. Did you go ahead? Any problems?

We, here in Sydney, ordered a couple of times from ru.nkon as it says on the other website that we have to go through them. Never a problem. Takes about 3-4 weeks to Aus. They declare the battery as something else when they ship it over!


Basically what @anon42702729 said. I’ve ordered around 150 cells from them at this point, no issues at all :slight_smile:

Btw I think Samsung 30Q’s are better value for money. Worth comparing them if you haven’t already

Thanks Guys, I have ordered and also went with the 30Q after reading a test by Mooch.

If I’m not allowed to post external links please let me know.

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