Buying Nickel Strip EU

If someone has some leftovers from their builds Id like to buy them I need 3-10meters reasonable price and shipping possibly :slight_smile:

Just get them from

NKON price increase on 30q’s btw. No more bulk discounts when buying 40+ cells.

They want 15 or 20 euro for shipping

In EU? I paid like 6€ for my batteries plus nickel

I was thinking of buying from them 4 5 weeks ago but the shipping was 20 now its normal at 2euro Does it really take that long for it to arrive from NL the 2euro option says 3weeks

And stuff from china comes in like a week with free shipping

My stuff from nkon was tracked shipping to Germany for like 6€ and took 2days

Yea I cheaped out this time, order was 10euro and shipping 2 Im mad at my eskate it never stops taking my money haha Need to build a bench power supply thats another 30euro bms 40 and im sure that there will come more stuff Also Im planning on bestech groupbuy if you are interested