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Buying Nyko Kama Wireless

So turns out my Nyko Kama sucked and can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. No sellers on ebay or can ship to Sweden. has one seller but it’s extremely overpriced when shipping is factored in.

So I’m looking for someone who have one too much preferably in Europe (quicker shipping, no import fees/tax).

Bro just switch over and call it a day lol
2.4Ghz mini remote controller with receiver

Planning on buying one of these too but shipping from China is 3 weeks… Might have a nunchuck on the way though.

Edit: Turns out it was with DHL so maybe it’s an option after all.

Buy two

Just sayin …

I have a nyko i don’t use and live in stockholm.
Have a soldered jst connector and has been tested and working.

@Iceni As mentioned I might have solved this but I might still be interested. Also have a friend who will need one eventually so if you have one you don’t use it’s interesting if you’re willing to send it (live in Gothenburg).

Shouldn’t be a problem, better someone get a use of it instead of collecting dust.

I also have a brand new one. But I’m way in the states.

Dude you have everything

Sí! Lol

20 characters blah blah I hate that

Dude find me a deal on a darn 12s esc ugh

$20 off 12s ESC on torqueboards site for a few more days, I think.

@torqueboards is this true? Sale on 12s esc?

I miss something ? I just bagged a stupid sk3 now I’m gonna double up!

@Michaelinvegas You might only have a day left. If you have any money left. :open_mouth:

Aghhhhh!!! WTF! I missed that? I’m pissed … Now I gotta transfer money

Do you still have that Nyko Kama? If so I would like to purchuse it. I also live in Sweden :slight_smile:

Still got it, I’ll PM you.

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