Buying offer analysis

So my friend wants to get a elongboard. Some kid is selling a diy that he built for 300euros. I need your opinion on the build.

Sk3 5055 430kv 2x 3s 5000mah turnigy 120 A fvt esc Quanum pistol 3ch remote Diy 30:15 mount 70 mm wheels Diy board


430kv is to low, you’ll have to do a push start and you wont be able to climb hills ( even the smallest ones). Once you’ve strted you will get a good speed on a flat surface tho. The rest looks okay just make sure it works. Just bare in mind that 70 mm are small wheels.

From what i got, the max speed is around 50kmh and 30 up hills. Says the battery lasts 7-8km.

The wheels are really too small

50 kmh flat and 30kmh on hills is insane, no way you will get that from an 430kv 5055 motor. Even enertions raptor 1 is maxing out at those speeds. Where did you get those numbers from?

Thats what the guy says. Also the elongboard calculator gives me these values :confused:

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what’s wrong with 70mm wheels? I ride 70mm wheels everyday. they are fine. id be concerned about the 15:30 gear ratio on that 430kv motor… its tall. it will go fast with a push start tho… 50km is definitely possible if you have the balls

also @cesargrimmelprez you cant really compare it to a raptor. its 2 different things.

Wouldn’t recommend it better to save a bit more for quality parts but in theory yes it will work but that motor might burn out

200e max. You can make better with 350 so i recommed you to save some money.

those SK3 motors are solid, I have never seen one burn out, but worst case if it does but out you can just replace it with a 280kv version. if you can talk him down a little on the price it might be alright.

On flat maybe if you’re lightweight, but 30 kmh with 430kv on hills? I tell you here and now that is impossible. And im not comparing it, just saying that a raptor or a boosted / evolve board even doesnt get those speeds. 50 kmh thats 30 mph. Thats insanely fast

If i were you i’d buy the board for 200 and get a sk3 6374 192 kv motor and maybe a third 3s battery

How would that setup work on hills?

I have a 6s 245kv vesc and it works pretty sweet in my city. Is it maybe better to buy everything new and build the same?

It would get you over any hill with decent speeds. Depends what grade and how much you weigh.