Buying Pure Nickel Strip EU

Nkon is out of all the good strips so … and can not find any site that sell some, ebay is full of steel plated crap and can not wait for my spool to come from HK Preferably 6+mm wide and from 0.15 to 0.2 thick Buying 5+ meters

I have purchased pure nickel on ebay it’s just hard to find sometimes. I purchased .2x25 from a guy here in the US on eBay and it was pure I assume he purchased a very large roll in China and is selling off all the extra.

Im in Europe

Yes but there may be some similar people doing the same thing. I hear Ebiking is big in Europe so there should be alot of DIY guys with stuff that we need.

Nkon is the go to for all of our needs, but its out of stock, I made a thread on endless sphere already

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@fottaz has some pre cut ones andEskating @e.board_solutions has some 1 meters strips E Board Solutions :smile: @Acido


I think I have some

But I need to make sure it’s pure nickel. I did buy it as pure nickel.

I can’t confirm how much I have but it’s around 5meters. 8mm 0.15mm thick

2 Likes site is in german only, but i think you should be able to navigate it.

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Nice link

Weird quantity discounts though


Why do nobody have 10mm 0.2mm pure… I don`t want my nickel, to be the bottleneck… So 10mm 0.2mm would be nice… Copper for the series connections, is okay to find. But not nickel :-/

Some on ali