Buying used is not always the best choice

I purchased a Lightly used Raptor dual on ebay a few months ago for a great price $900 shipped, the seller claimed it only had 35miles on it. I had a Blink s2 on order i cancelled it to buy the used Raptor because it was about the same price for so much more board. So from June 26 till now ive had constant failures and ive had to spend alot more money on the board.

First, one of the bulllet connectors on the enertion Vesc broke off and left me about 2 miles from home, then i soldered the connectors back on and rode for a good week until i had the dreaded DRV8302 on the same vesc leaving me stranded once again miles from home. I replaced both enertion Vescs with Focboxes for $250. From then on i had a motor failure leaving me this time about a mile from home and i pushed home so i replaced with 2 torque boards 6355 190kv motors $180. Then i had my Space cell start giving me problems i found out it was the BMS so another $40 for the BMS then $60 for an anit spark switch.

So $1400 later i have a used slightly more reliable Raptor and thats not including the money i spent on Upgrades like Abec 11’s, bearings, bushings and shred lights…

The good thing about the Raptor was that its mostly DIY parts so i could fix it with out the help of the manufacture but i wish i would have saved money and just made a DIY board from the beginning.

If you buy a used board to save money keep in mind it may end up costing you more in the end.

THIS ^^^ add $200 to any budget you have for a board, you will go over. c:

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That is precisely why I have two Raptor decks. I bought a blank deck for the current build and got a really good BROKEN raptor that needed two new motors + belts, 1 mount, 1 motor pulley, new remote and 1 vesc. Buying it broken is definitely better than “slightly used”. At least when it fails I know it’s mostly my fault.

Not sure who to blame here…the seller or Enertion, maybe their parts were not meant to last?

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Quiet, you might trigger him. You know how he gets about his engineering. /s


lmao, he only defends his new products his old stuff is irrelevant to him so it dosnt even show up on his radar.

Dont get me wrong guys I love my Raptor… when it works. Its super fast, i like the really stiff deck and the 10s3p can get pretty good distance depending how i ride. Hopefully the Raptor 2 is a little more reliable lol.

i want to make a board with 107mm wheels with dual 6374 motors and a 12s battery. soon… soon

sucks you had some faults, lucky you didn’t buy a boosted board, evolve, inboard etc… those proprietary parts are expensive!

Also, we are currently developing an updated battery for R1 owners (using R2 tech), this is mostly to cover any faults during the warranty period but we may also offer it for sale too.


well thats good news, id love new battery option. I take back what i said.

Focboxes have been great, I cant blame you for the product failing i purchased it used and i dont know what its been through but pretty much ive only had electrical failures nothing mechanical the Raptor deck is seriously strong. Ive changed pretty much all the electronics on the board so im hoping ill be okay. this was more of a warning against used items not the Raptor specifically. Even with all the frustration i still love my board maybe i have bonded with it too much haha

Glad it’s working!

Ill be the first to admit enertion is not perfect! we started from nothing and had to learn the hard way, but we are always pushing for better quality & reliability. the FOCBOX is the perfect example of our pursuit towards performance & reliability.

We nearly have the esk8 building game worked out! but it’s a tough game :slight_smile: lots of perseverance required.


Takes a certain amount of humility to say that. Good job. If I’m being honest, I like the look of the R1 more than the R2, the satellite config makes it look so mean… I also really like the top panel with the switches and charging port available.

Oh yea, I’ve never ridden either one :innocent:

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well if you ever come to South Florida I have a Raptor you can ride

Plus i have a Raptor 2 on order ill have it before next month i hope.

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Give me about 10-15 years and ill be there :joy:

Cant legally fly alone yet

Awesome, I love the raptor1. Stiff deck sucks sometimes but the deck enclosure makes up for it.

Can’t wait to hear more about a battery update since our batteries will degrade sooner than later.

I’m actually working on for a mod for the raptor decks to accommodate newer batteries, better bms, and cell level fusing, it will also have cell holders but they will be as thin and structurally sound as possible, it will solve a lot of problems that I see during my repairs

id be interested to see the process results

I’ll try and start a thread I post most of my work on my Instagram now, but I will have the last materials in by Saturday and will hopefully be able to have something presentable, I will tell you that for this we moved away from 18650 cells instead to 20700 cells to deal with voltage sag and increase your range


Will keep an eye out for that battery!