C5065-270KV 4-8s Sensored Motor - Gauging interest

NTMs 270kv seem to be missing soooo…and it’s tough finding cheaper alternatives

Looking for 10 people interested at $43 (not a huge savings but it’s something) per motor plus shipping (how much? dunno yet)

May get a lower price on more

Shipping from :us:

about 3 weeks delivery

C5065-270KV 4-8s Sensored (can be run uncensored)

KV (rpm/volt) : 270 Power (W) : 1820 Wire Winds : 9 Resistance (Kv) : 42 Idle Current (A) : 1.5 ESC (A) : 80 Cell NiMH/NiCD : 9-24 Cell LiPo : 3-8 D (mm) : 49.2 L (mm) : 65 Shaft (mm) : 8 Weight (g) : 435 the distance between the mounting holes is 30MM

Bullet connectors will need to be switched out to larger size

That’s about it for the info…

If you’re interested please comment below


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These motors are about $47 USD on eBay right now, with $3 shipping to Washington from China. In my opinion you have a very good price unless the shipping turns out to be >$20.

I would agree with you…that why I’m try to gauge the interest …

Don’t wanna really make up a number to these people like 50 when only 10 people are interested in a 50mm motor

Need some real ammo

Are you referring to the shipping I would charge you in the US? Not sure what you are saying here…

If your worried abt shipping cost …I would only charge the exact cost it would cost to ship from Vegas

Edit: I see ur in Canada … Not sure what the cheapest shipping option would be for you

Sorry, I’m pulling an all-nighter. Disregard that. What I mean to say is that it’s probably cheaper for some people to buy from that one eBay seller right now, since their shipping is so cheap. Here’s the link.

@Michaelinvegas so I’ve never used a Sensored motor before, what is the advantage in going that route vs a non-Sensored motor?

Better startup torque.

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Wow, major difference at low speed. When my motor eventually dies I’ll probably use one of these, especially since my ESC has a sensor port…

Have you tested them? Why did you choose these?

Yeah did a quick trial they work…

Cheapest around … Can’t find any NTMs…so why not

The only thing that sucks is the baby bullet connectors lol

It’s a really nice price if they’re good. I could be in for a couple, but what Vlad said is relevant: The shipping price from Hongkong to Ukraine stated on the ebay page is a mere 6$.

quite a few people on ES have had terrible experiences with NTM motors. I, personally, would stay away from them. Hobbyking currently has the SK3 - 5065-275kv in both their east and west warehouses. Why you would buy the NTM’s when the SK3’s have proven performance and durability?

Oh don’t get me wrong …if killed a few NTMs in my time :wink: And Sk has 6mm shaft at those can sizes…

50mm are only good for flats …unless u have a dual…

do you live in wa?

No I live in Vancouver, Canada, but I travel to wa to pick up my eboard parts :slight_smile:

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Who sales parts in Washington, im from Vancouver also