[CA,Vancouver] WTS - NEW Dual FSESC4.20 Plus + Used generic china cheapo ESC

$120CAD - Dual FSESC4.20 Plus
Open box but brand new, un-used.
Flipsky was nice enough to send me this as a replacement when the Antispark failed on the first one I bought. Decided to just make my own antispark instead of going through the hassle of swapping this one in. Been on my shelf for a year or so now, probably never get around to using it so figured I’d see if anyone else wanted er.
Price firm, can always save it as a backup.

$ 20CAD? - 10S Single Belt Motor ESC w/ controller + battery monitor
The cheapo most of us probably started out with. Price not so firm, i’d swap it for a 6 of IPA.

Canada preferred, but you pay shipping.

hey, if this is still available please text or call me at (719) 207-0148

is this still available?

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Highly unlikely