Cable to receiver looses connection

Hi, I’m using a build with a VESC and a standard 2.4 Ghz transmitter with receiver. The connection cable between VESC and Receiver (3pin servo cable), however, sometimes looses connection on the receiver side - I guess due to vibrations. On the receiver side it’s just hold in place via a plug. This is quite dangerous at high speed. Did someone have the same problem? How did you solve it? Directly soldering to the pins of the receiver?

solder EVERYTHING. plugs and sockets are not designed for skate vibrations.

@lowGuido I agree. But would you solder it directly to the pins? Do you maybe know of an example photo or youtube video where someone solders it in a correct manner?

I would. solder it to the pins and put heatshrink over each wire. my first board that I built had the standard PWM plug on the ESC and after a few hundred km of riding it just dropped off. I was about 13km from home and I had no tools with me to open my box up. after that Day I solder everything or at very minimum glue the PWM plugs in.

Instead of soldering it to the pins, I desoldered the pins and soldered the link cable directly on. Thanks for the advice.

I had an issue where I’d lose connection when the outside temp dropped below freezing. Soldered everything and everything is now good.

Soldering the wires to the vesc would definitely be the fool proof solution. However, I just got some zip ties and put them around the signal wires and the vescs and I have been running it that way for a long while now with no problems.

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