Cables disappearing into the motor? 63mm outrunner

Daft question perhaps, but has anyone else had the motor cables “sucked” into the motor? It seems like they are slowly getting drawn into the rear of the motor and wrapped around. I’m new to this as you might imagine and just wondered if I am kidding something obvious as to why this might happen?

Huh, that’s odd.

I’d ziptie each cable to prevent it from entering the motor.

I think you have a major problem.

Not sure which motor you’re using but yesterday I had to fix my friends motor. The stator adhesive bond broke. So the stator was basically only held by the 3 extruding phase wires and the wires got sucked into the motor when it torqued in a certain direction (forward or reverse don’t remember)

Either way. That caused the motor to get really hot because one of the wires got exposed and kept shorting with another wire.

Simple fix, dissasemble motor entirely and reapply a metal-friendly epoxy between the since of the stator and the tube that the bearings ride in.

To check if what I said is what you’re experiencing, try to push/pull the 3 phase wires and see if the stator stack starts moving on the inside. On outrunners the stator stack doesn’t move so if it moves then you have a problem

I think you have described exactly what I suspect has happened. I guess I’ll wait for the supplier to get back to me and see what they say. Only been used for one charge so far! Thanks for the concise answer.

Any time! If they give you a hard time about returning it. You can fix it yourself it’s very easy