Caguama's special offer skatehut eBay, only £48.71!

Guys, just seen skatehut are doing Orangatang Caguama’s for only £48.71

All three compounds but don’t think there’s many available


I bought them all, thanks for the link.

Selling them for £70 if anyone is interested.


I got 20 sets before I posted

Only £69.99 per set

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Bought 100 sets. Selling for £69.98 per set

Damn you’re cheap

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I’ll give you 50p

Screw you guys. I ordered my caguamas last week :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Seriously, I bought one set of 77a’s so I can have a go at dyeing them, thought I’d give everyone the heads up at the price

Here’s the link