Caliber ii 160mm

What and where can I buy wheel pulleys 36t for abec 90mm wheels that would fit caliber ii 160mm trucks. I tried the HK wheel pulleys but dont have enough room for the 90mm wheels

160mm sounds really short :astonished: I’m already pressed for space on the 184mm calibers


What do you mean by not enough space? Do you mean that the pulley cant be pushed over the hanger, because the hanger is too thick? Or it has inner (3rd) bearing so you cant fit the wheel? Or is it the pulley too wide to fit motor mount next to it?

the HK wheel pulley is too wide for what I’m trying to do. no space left on the hanger/axle. i could probably file the truck down to be able to push the mount a bit further inward. or get another wheel pulley, smaller to fit the mount, wheel pulley and wheel without modifying the truck.

so the HK pulley is for 15mm width belts. You could purchase pulleys for 9mm belt width instead and get potentially 6mm of space back. I don’t know much about your location/build but many people use 9mm belts without a problem

IMO 9 mm is a bad choice for a single motor build, I would rather file the truck down instead