Caliber II, 44 degrees, 6 inches

Hi guys, does someone have a Caliber 2 style axel for a 44 degree base that is 6 inches long?


Aren’t calibers casted?

Yup. They are.

how do u plan on replacing the axle?

I need to shorten it

oh… so ur wanting someone to cut away the hanger, cut and thread the axle at a shorter length?

Yesterday I got a Dremel, so I’m going to try to cut it myself once I get back home. If I’ll screw it up I might need someone else making it :smiley:

lol it can be done, but why are you making them so small?


Check the rear truck. It’s already a 9”


Omg that is so adorable

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LOL my tiny riptide with inboard hubs

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I love it lol… this is what I’m working on rn

Hummies deck with rims fresh off the print bed



That’s super cool! I was thinking on something similar but if I can shorten my hanger correctly I’ll try to make a direct drive using the inboard hubs (like carvon)

I wanna do something similar using a 6380 motor haha

Lets see who will get it done first then :wink:

I mean… I just have to cast my hanger and thread my axle…


I’m taking a different approach at this type of drive system tho so hopefully I can get it working

You should make a build thread

I will make the thread when it’s tested and finished haha

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How are you going to cast your hanger?

make a ceramic mold at my college and pour it

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