Caliber II motor mount + 36 wheel pulley + parallel charging board for $40! ----- ( SOLD) (4x) 3s lipos for $50!------ Maple deck (taking offers)

Parallel charge board with 4mm bullet connectors (Brand New) $12 + shipping

36 tooth wheel pulley taking offers + shipping Caliber II motor mount, taking offers + shipping

Sent u a pm

New price! $40 for it all, will ship internationally,but you pay for extra shipping

dddaaaammnnn $40 for everything? to bad I don’t need any of it lol

I just need it gone lol , have things to pay for

Some pick this up it’s a steal !

I also have (4x) 3s lipos , that I will sell for $50 ( for all of them) -5000mah each -roughly 10 charges in each -no puffing

  • 4mm bullet connectors

Damn i would take all of them but i have everything already

I just need somebody to take it , because I have somethings to pay off and need the cash @ARetardedPillow

Here’s a deck that is also for sale, taking offers -9 ply maple -has six holes drilled in it but can easily be filled in with wood putty

Are these batteries 25 or 30c?

they are 20c @FredrikHems, they worked fine for me when I used them

Where are you located? Shipping may be an issue

Sorry these Just sold @FredrikHems

Okay. No worries

Did everything sell?

No just batteries @Gabriel_Robinson

What wheels are the pulley for

Should fit any flywheels @briman05