Caliber II Reverse motor mounts?

What are the current choices if I were to reverse mount some 6354 on Caliber II it has to clear the kingpin or at least give me enough room there.

Most ive found didnt have any good room for the kingpin.

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I know @torqueboards had some :smile:


I can tell you for a fact that the TB reverse will work and you’ll still have access to the kingpin for bushing adjustments and clearance.

I’m sure there are a bunch of others but this one works for sure.


Yeah they look like they would work but had no luck with TB and their mounts in the past so hoping for a alternative.

Also 40 Dollar shipping and 25% import fees kinda kills it :frowning:

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@dickyho sells a long version of his mount, its easy to reverse mount


Are they in stock by any chance? When i go onto his ebay listing it always says the Caliber version is out of stock.

image These from Streetwing should work. I know @brenternet has one for sale too.


just shoot him a pm and ask. he’s v active on here

I was talking with them over mail yesterday, they were going to come back to me with some info regarding reverse mounting.

You by any chance have a picture of those mounted in reverse?

I have one on the shelf I can have a fiddle with. Hold on a mo.

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I think Ben is about to find out it wont work, we tried it once on a Falcon and it was too short to clear the kingpin unfortunately.

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TB has new clamps that work fine

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Shipping to EU for TB stuff is a real ballache. Whatever price the website lists you can basically double for us :frowning:

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Exactly, and to say so my experience last time with the customer service wasnt as i expected to say it nice.

image image Ignore the other 2 mounts. With long enough belts this’d work I think? Depends on your deck too.


Uhh very nice very nice thank you, i got a decent amount of 265 belts i hope those would be enough for it.

You know… that actually looks like it would work. Must have been my deck shape.

I have a set of those @Lumaci for sale.


Uhh, how much and ya got a pic and where ya based?

You might want longer belts, those mounts are pretty long if you need the motors further away.

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I’m using regular dickyho mounts, the non-reverse ones, in a reverse confit with a single 6374. There’s not a lots of clearance with 83mm wheels and you have to put the mount on before putting the truck on the deck. But it works and I can still access the kingpin to tighten it.