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Caliber Knock Tip

Hey guys. Was browsing the Bay and I came across some Caliber knockoffs! First time I’ve seen any. Here’s the link: eBay listing.

I’m sure they’re pretty terrible, but I’m probably going to try them out on a build in the future. They are well priced and might be a useful addition to the community to help make eboards more accessible, similarly to the flywheel knockoffs, even though they would not be the go to for most.

Anyone tried these?

Those look low quality, but you can get good quality knockoffs. Enertions trucks are caliber and wheels are flywheels.

I would be afraid to push those knockoffs you posted…

Haven’t checked Enertion’s prices for a while, but yeah, their prices are not too bad.

Those are not knockoffs though. Those are actual Cali IIs.

If I were looking for real Calis, I’d probably go with original Cali IIs off the Bay, like these. They’re a couple of dollars cheaper, in any case. And they don’t have to be blue :yum:.

The knock offs posted above are just over half the price of either Caliber or Enertion, so it’s not really a comparison in my view. I would probably be afraid to push them knockoffs too, until I’ve tried them, but they definitely do look like an option, even if not the best option.

This is an expensive hobby, and every cent counts when it comes to getting a board underneath you.

Have you tried them?

I just bought wheels from that seller. The abec clones are alright, “free” bearings are what you would expect. Ill probably get these trucks when i finish my color change.

That sounds quite positive. I’ve also just ordered a set of their Abec cloneses. When I’m in need of another set of trucks I think I’ll get some, for science, and a backup pair of Cali IIs, for safe. I have Cali Is at the moment, but I like the look of the updates. I’m also considering getting my own precision hanger made up, specially designed for motor mounts.

You can pick up a set of Cal 1s for around $40-$45. For the extra $10-$15, I’d stick with the real deal until I got some serious reviews on these. My Cal ii’s can take pretty much anything I can throw at them and they ride great. Worth every penny.

I bought these a couple of weeks ago and they were just sitting on my desk o’ parts.

First impressions - the glossy finish on them makes them immediately feel a little cheap to me. The weird hardware it comes with had 2 bolts smaller than the others…not sure what that was about. I just mounted them on a board and took it for a few laps in the garage. The bushings feel pretty crappy but they work.

Overall, I’m happy with the them. I just needed something cheap for my other deck that was truckless.

The hanger horseshoe shape looks identical to my calibers - so, although i haven’t tried it, I don’t foresee any issues mounting a standard caliber motor mount.

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JUst ordered a set will report on any issues and quality

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@scrant, thanks for the mini review!

Could you post some photos of them? Bushings will defs need replacing, but I do this anyway as I don’t like the bushings that come with the Cali trucks.

I think I’m going to use these on a cheap as balls basic Penny build.

Call me crazy but I don’t mind paying the extra $17 for actual caliber trucks. It supports the innovators and creators of the design. For the most part I think the eboarding crowd is a little too comfortable buying knockoffs. Show the brands a little respect guys. These companies are not as large as you may think and the clone market takes a heavy toll.


I agree with you. I would way prefer to buy actual Calibers, even though they are around double the price. And I definitely will in the future and my next set of trucks is definitely a set of Cali IIs.

That being said if you can’t afford real Calibers and real Abecs as well as motors, batteries, ESCs, motor mounts, drive kits, a deck and a controller, I’m all for the knockoffs. More people doing this is what’s important to me, and more people doing this is going to allow more people to do it by making it a little cheaper.

Those other trucks and wheels aren’t Calibers or Abecs, and at the end of the day that’s a known fact and they aren’t being sold as such, but as cheap Chinese crap.

All of your reasons for buying from China are valid but as a community it should be seen as no different than buying @Hummie 's hub motors factory direct and cutting him out of the picture.

Caliber is as much a part of this community as any other manufacture, designer or brand and I know where my money is going when I purchase their trucks. Not only am I supporting caliber but I am also supporting everything they do to keep longboarding alive and strong.

I want to add that I am not calling for everyone to gather their pitchforks and torches. Just asking for a little more respect for our friends at Caliber and Abec.


Nothing to add to this.
So many companies suffer fom Cheap-as-crap knockoffs.
I think it is okay if someone really cant afford the original stuff,
but not just to save the last bit, as anyone needs to earn something.
And not the chinese invent new stuff.

honestly if i wasnt on a budget i would definitely prefer legit stuff i always have with my boards for street skating but to be honest i didnt plan on doing an e-skateboard till i saw a vid so i came up with a budget and i need to keep it as low as possible.

That being said

These clones arent bad i have never seen a set of real calibers so i cant compare but i have a set of high quality trucks on my street skate so i know quality. the paint does look cheap but the feel of the trucks themselves seem fine they dont seem to have any weak spots in the metal or to be too thin i honestly would feel comfortable using them on my eskate

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Yeah same here. Today is the second day I’ve commuted on them and they’ve been fine.

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my understanding is his trucks are made at the caliber factory, OEM style. So yeah, they’re Calibers with a different logo.

His power wheels are not OEM ABEC 11 flywheels though as far as I can tell. They’re OEM clones, for lack of a better phrase. I found this out when i went to insert a high precision insert pulley into a clone i use and then also inserted it into a Power Wheel. ABEC 11s have a slightly larger space between spokes than clones or Power Wheels, which is why you have to shave the Evolve pulleys to get them to work with clones.

Honestly i think Enertion’s decision to not make exact OEMs of ABEC 11 originals was a better idea because now his insert pulleys work in his wheels, the clones we all love from Amazon and other places, and genuine Flywheels with no modification.

I just wish they were black instead of blue, because you know that belt surface isn’t going to keep even high quality specifically-bonds-to-plastic paint on it, so it will end up looking cheap if you try to spray it, and who the hell has a high pressure dye system in their garage?

you’re crazy, and so am I. Genuine calibers all the way. Besides, who else is going to make those gorgeous silk finishes? nobody, that’s who. Even their raw finish is gorgeous.


They come in red too!

But I have always been partial to turquoise.


FYI: Ya’ll gotta check out…
Caliber 2s in assorted colors for under $40…Shipped!! Also $37.95 for the bare alum ones! :astonished:

@chaka I really feel you on supporting these companies. They stuck their necks out to provide a superior product for performance hungry consumers at great financial risk. There is some good karma in supporting the originals too. It’s not just some sappy need to feel good about stuff. It’s a real opportunity to cast our economic “vote” towards the companies that we want to see succeed. It pushes forward the technology and keeps the price reasonable. Are chinese knockoff companies innovating? NO…They just shamelessly take other people’s work and ride off of that. BS. Caliber trucks are already reasonably priced, so why bother with imitations. IMO.
Midnight Green $34.95 Shipped


Not sure why, but for some reason I’m compelled to unnecessarily pick up another 2 sets of Caliber trucks in red and turquoise.

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