Caliber motor mount wanted

So I after a caliber motor mount but need to be able to mount on the back not in the middle. Also wish or uk.

I Know DIYes mounts are reversable. I think the alienpowersystems ones are also reversable, but you need to verify that. They are UK based.

Yea alien are but don’t want to spend like £60 might just try ordering their caliber adaptor and marking another mount.

I believe @torqueboards also sells just the clamp. That could be an option.

I’ve used outboard mounting and the clearance just isnt as good even with 97mm wheels…

the only way to get real space would be super long plates/belts like evolve… is it an at tire build?

Well I run drop through and get better clearance out the back but have also just changed my deck and trucks so new mount and higher motor is now achievable.

They’re not reverseable unless you modify it like I did. The angle you need it is right where the separation of the screw holes are. Take a look below to get a better idea of what I mean.

Would probably only buy the clamp and make my own carbon plate. Or find some on to cnc me a modified clamp like the enertion

@korryh has a clamp/plate that would work

Just had a look not bad price either see if he can sell just a clamp maybe as well.

@korryh made me a nice extra long mount. This one is the steel plate/aluminum clamp version. Seems very well designed. Even came with all necessary hardware and mounting instructions & tips, which was a nice touch.

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Nice board!! Great job! My next will be a mountain board. I just made another set that is 100mm to 115mm CtoC but only one set of motor mount holes.

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Hi man how much you pay for this motor mounts Thank you