Caliber truck measurements? will a 15mm pulley system fit?

As the title suggests am I wondering if a 15mm wide belt system will fit on 184mm caliber 1 or 2 truck?

I am looking for the crucial measurement from the end of the thick part to where it starts get a different shape. Tried to illustrate what I am looking for in the picture below

I also tried to pm @ProtoBoards about the measurements of his motor mount so i can figur out if it all will fit.

So if any one have a 15mm wide belt setup on a 184mm caliber truck would like to share if they hade to do any modifications or if it all fitted without any problem I would appreciate it :slight_smile: Or if anyone have the motor mount from protoboards and could share those measurements. Almost every one have caliber trucks her on the forum so if any one have the measurement I am looking for and wiling to help me out, would relay be appreciated

thanks for all the answers in in advance. :grin:

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Yes it fits easily as single drive.

I am glad to hear that! :slight_smile: About how much wiggle room is ther to spare?

is the distance about 5 cm ?

I have a dual drive with 15mm pulleys. There’s only about 5mm between the motor cans but that’s enough.

I am going for single drive setup so that is not an issues. I was worried about that the wheelpulley getting to far in towards the center so that the motor mount could not fit properly for correct belt alignment

I think you might have to file the curved part of the truck a little depending on your mount. I have a 15mm pulley and DIY mount on the way. I’ll let you know if I need modifications when I get them.

would be great if you could do that :grin:

This is with 12mm pulley.

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Perfect! exactly what i needed thank you so much.

is that the kegel wheels? i am wondering because I am going to go for the kegel wheels.

Which motors are you using?

Yes those are kegels. Dual 12mm is possible but I don’t know if it can do dual 15mm with enertion/maytech etc motors.

I am only going for single motor setup so for me that is no issue

I don’t either, but I’m curious. If anyone knows please chime in. I can verify that you CAN do dual 15mm with TB/DIY motors.

These measurements surprise me as I opted to go with 9 mm belts (11 mm pulleys) and I only have about 2mm between my motors. Unless its the motors (dual Torqueboards 6355’s).

hi guys, this is my setup with 15mm belts and 184 caliber trucks and 6355 motors. i had to put 3 washers on the truck either side to bring the wheels out to give the motors enough room. it’s working fine.


You might need to move your motor mounts more out from the center of the truck and move the motor pulley closer to the can.

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