California VESC repair

Hey guys just wondering if there’s anyone in the Los Angeles or just California area that’s willing to repair a vesc for me. I think I shorted something out on accident. I’d pay for all parts and shipping and labor.

@willpark16 has 1 that needs repaired too! Maybe you guys could work out a deal with somebody.

who knows… maybe @JohnnyMeduse from Johnny repair services…

(sorry… for the shameless plug…:wink:)


you can? its an ollin vesc

yes… I’m specialize in repairing or assembling electronic…

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I thought Ollin vesc has a two year warranty?

BUT… I’m specialize in repairing or assembling electronic…

(again… for the shameless plug…:wink:)

Yes he does but local is a quick drop off

Don’t forget that warranty have is term and condition… :confused:

I would totally go with you @JohnnyMeduse, just the shipping to canada is tough and I would rather get it done locally to avoid that. Ever thought of moving to California? :smile:

I totally agree with you, well maybe one day who know :relaxed:… but, from what I’ve seen fro the US repair start at 60 plus shipping… (mine is 30 plus shipping… it is around the same cost…) ((I’m not doing it for the profit, but for every one who need help))


Yeah you’re right but at $60 ill just ditch my crappy DIY VESC(sorry dexter i love your other products) and just get one of ollins. Im just trying to hold out till v6 comes out so i can take advantage of FOC.

Because your account is 10 minutes old at this point, and it seems like you have no idea what you are talking about, I will leave this link here.

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Did you find anyone?