Calling all direct drive technicians (Carvon)

So let me know if this doesn’t deserve it’s own topic.

I just wanted to get a place for people who feel comfortable repairing direct drives to advertise their services. While many people, including myself, never received atleast one of our Carvon drives, some were actually shipped.

Personally, I’ve got two SD drives, one of which was sent to me with a terrible wheel wobble. It may be originating from the base of the can as suggested by @psychotiller, but I really shy away from trying to repair motors I know nothing about.

Like myself, other members have come forward with issues from the Carvon drives they received. Since the sites have been closed, many of us expect to never receive repair service from Carvon. For this who can’t fix it themselves, we have like three options. Sell the drives as parts, trash them, or find someone else that can repair them.

This isn’t a thread for discussing the shortcomings of Carvon that we are all aware of. This is simply for customers to list issues that may need service and for technitians that feel comfortable working on these to advertise your help.

I understand that since many people haven’t ever even seen the drives, they may be hesitant to try. But for us any help is better than a really expensive paper weight.


This was an expensive ass awd build that I actually want to be able to safely ride someday.


Bearings. In the 800 miles I’ve had my speed drives I’ve had to replace the small bearing once and I think I’m going to have to replace the big bearing soon. Easy enough and luckily there’s a great guide here about how to do it.

For reference bearing sizes are 6900rs and 6805rs.


Is it the same for xl? As for Speed r?

What about people who are confident repairing the other versions or guides for the V2/V2.5 etc?

Thanks for posting the bearing specs. One of mine broke up, spreading chippings in the motor and thereby smashing my hall sensor. 3D printed wheel adapter broke too.

I feel confident in swapping these parts out myself, but I still am looking for a spare sensor and adapter (STL file would do). Only thing close to a fix so far is buying the new turnigy SK8 110kv motor apparently used in the V4 SD R’s on hobbyking for 80€ and hoping I can extract the hall sensor into my Drive.

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You can probably find appropriate hall sensors online somewhere and not need to buy a whole motor just for the sensors. Not sure what you should be looking for though.