Calling all Evolve riders!

Hello Evolve riders!

My friend has just purchased an Evolve Carbon GT and we’re trying to figure out how many miles he’s getting per full charge and it got me thinking - is there an Evolve smartphone app? I can’t seem to find anything online but I thought I’d ask.

Seems strange that a popular brand like Evolve don’t have an app? I would of thought they’d have one like Boosted.

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers, Daniel

Evolve does not have an app, all the info shows up on the remote but there’s no Bluetooth to connect to a phone.

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A mark of a high-quality electric skateboard is not needing a branded smartphone “app” to use it properly.

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Please pay close attention here: when you press the power button to turn the board on, press it very FIRMLY and in one continuous motion. Not doing that can cause it to turn the board off when you hit a big bump, losing brakes. Just do it


Evolves are a very simple platform and all the better for it. No other pre built rides like it and when it starts to get tired it makes one hell of a tuning base.