Calling all Kiwi's

Kiaora my bros!

I’m looking to see if we can leverage all New Zealand based members here to do mean stuff like organising local meets, group buys etc… If you are the social type let me know!

I’m Auckland based

Chur to the chur…



#Wellington but :eyes:

edit: maybe this thread as a marketplace would be good?

yeah for sure if there is a group buy thingy we want to do… for example order in some motors… Up in Auckland on a good day I’ve seen almost 10 different commuters on boards… not sure if they are even in this forum…

might have to start stopping them… although I’ve never seen a custom build to date

I don’t see a lot of boards around, but I commute at stupid-oclock in the morning. Most boards I have seen are Evolve boards (naturally)… haven’t seen a custom board yet (mine is).

Sweet… yeah I haven’t even built my first board yet… just got a parts list… hence why I’m keen to see if we can get a group buy… I’m trying to talk a skater at work into also building one…

To be honest if I wasn’t keen on spending 100s of hours with my 3D printer and writing code for a custom remote solution (i.e. just want to ride a board) I would buy an Evolve one off the shelf. Pity we are very limited in options in the South Pacific.

Kia ora!

Few eSkaters in Chch. Dominantly Evolve, but some DIY options here and there. Now that the Lime scooters are getting super popular, and regularly eating the dust of skaters, there’s likely to get a bit more interested in skating. Rejoyce fellow kiwis cause Ali Express delays aren’t completely bad for us.

Cheers bros!


yeah… New Zealand isn’t really on the radar for producers…

I did hassle Enertion for awhile… i.e. getting them out here as part of their so called ‘world tour’… (seriously New Zealand is not on a world tour?)

I might be heading to San Fran in March… but even then getting a board back is next to impossible… Air New Zealand won’t even allow a electric mobility device (i.e. electric skateboard) even into their holds… guess the tyranny of distance is still a thing

#Wellington also.

In the midst of building my first, after getting a taste with a Benchwheel

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You on the Wellington Facebook group? I am but haven’t attended any of the events yet.

I’ve attended one of the events, living in Param for the summer has its ups and downs…

They’re all good guys, definitely make it along some time :grin:

I just want to see other boards. There’s a cool small board I want to look at (I have a SPUD sort of).

Im building a board my 2nd actually first was all me totally nothing available anywhere. custom everything. Mostly was a carpark to work machine. My profile is mr positive. I live in kuemu. Now have new never used enertion stuff that someone purchased ages ago. Also havnt seen any one riding around

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Kiaora fellas,

Im also Auckland based. Have had a few DIY boards over the years. Have a Trampa atm.

2 Facebook groups to join are:

Both hold rides often and are a good bunch of people!

Oh sweet! Will check them out… Yeah I’m waiting for my first parts… A set of e calipers and motor mounts… Was thinking of doing a carbon fibre board… But have no idea where to start…

Made a custom CF enclosure with the old man over a weekend. Mold made from MDF, aliphatic PVA and Builder’s Bog

Fiberglass shop has almost everything you need

Release wax + similar items can be found at most boating shops. The Warehouse has some clothing vacuum bags which worked okay Dm me if you have any questions :blush: 20190302_155339


Yeah cool as bro for sharing that… its something i’ve been thinking about for my build… and since NZ has a pretty good rep for carbon fibre it seems like a logical way forward…

Good use of the vac bags from the warehouse! and yeah I’ll hit you up with questions when i get to the stage of making something…

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Hamilton based rider/builder here :wave:

I’d second @Sourcecode’s recommendation to join those Facebook groups. Pretty sure there are rides most weekends.

DIY scene is kinda grim here. But I’m keen as to be part of any local diy community, group buys, part swaps, and am totally keen to help out with any aspects of a DIY build (where I can, I’m no expert!)

Battery is the hardest bit in NZ, so I’d recommend focusing your attention there because you’re either gonna have to build your own or spend a tonne of cash. Though I think if you go for lipo you should be able to get what you need from a RC hobby store near you.

Here’s my build thread:

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Yeah I’ve joined the group… I did see about 20 riders in the New Market area about a week ago… all riding carbons? but yeah that’s a good sign…

I’ve started a build… and yeah I’ll be building my own battery back… I’ve got a background in Electronics Engineering…