Calling all those that have run 4wd belt setups :)

If you had to build over again would you do it again? My specific build will be for a street board and I’m going back and forth between keeping it 2wd vs 4wd. With 4wd I’ll be approaching 40 pounds…

I’d love to hear from personal experiences !!!

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@psychotiller and @longhairedboy have

I just tested @psychotiller 4x4 belt board. Lots of power and free rolls pretty well even on pneumatics. I give it a :+1:


No experience on a street setup though? I feel like it would be stupid quick outta the hole.

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Well his 6-shooters count as a street set up imo but no I haven’t ridden any urathane 4wd belt drives. No doubt all 4wd’s are quick out of the hole.

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Dang… just realized I don’t think the front end of the evo will fit a belt motor :stuck_out_tongue:

This might have just made my choice much more simple lol

Yeah, I agree with @BigBoyToys that the sixshooters behave more like street wheels, but we do ride them quite a bit on dirt, gravel, and grass. I can’t wait to open this awd up on a trail. Oh! and it weighs under 30lbs.


They seem like a solid compromise between the two. Not as big and bulky as typical pnematics and less side wall flex, but still have grip, dampening and most of thr off roadability I love about pneumi’s.

yooooo what? under 30lbs? my single 6364 weighs 24lbs…

Yeah. It’s like 28 and change. With sixshooters

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alright i’m doing something wrong…

what size is the battery?

how just how lol cf everything?

Never!!! It’s not a racecar. It’s a board. W-O-O-D

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Hmmmmm…Let me see, 1, 2 , 3…10s5p