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I have a chromebook in dev mode and have installed the full vesc-tool apk and it works fine. The problem is that the chromebook can’t communicate with the vesc via the USB port. Any ideas to fix this problem? I have heard about certain apis you could use but I’m not so sure how to implement them. I think it would be amazing to be able to use the vesc-tool on a chromebook.

Can you boot it from a flash drive and just boot a different linux distro?

I think chromebooks run Ubuntu under the hood

No it runs plain Linux Kernel, I think Chome OS limits direct access to USB/hardware or etc :slight_smile:

I think they run ChromeOS. If you can boot Ubuntu from a flash drive, you’d be all set.

I’m in dev mode

I have crouton installed so I can dual boot Linux and chrome os but USB ports don’t work inside the Linux environment

Can you boot from a flash drive?

I downloaded the vesc tool apk and it works but i need some sort of api to allow it to recognize the vesc but I don’t know how to install the api

I already have Ubuntu running alongside chrome os

chroot doesnt mean it will add functionality like hardware access layer if its not present in base os

I know that’s why I downloaded the vesc tool directly into the chrome os and it works but I need some sort of api to recognize the usb

I don’t know what “alongside” means. Just boot Ubuntu directly.

:man_facepalming: ChromeOS doesn’t support USB serial ports, either you need to find a way to install it or its just not available or it is available just not the way vesc tool supports

It means I can either be in Ubuntu or chrome os

Correct but I looked at some developer options and one of them was installing a serial usb api but I’m not sure how to do that

Run Ubuntu. Not ChromeOS. Follow the instructions in Vedder’s repo. Ask if you have any questions.

Meaning just have Ubuntu on chromebook? Not both

It doesn’t matter what’s on the chromebook. It only matters what you are running.

Easiest way ask a friend for a normal windows computer and just install vesc tool