Camping trip, anyone?

As I’ve told some of you over the few years that I’ve had this idea, where you build a box trailer for esk8 and buy a bunch of those eBay batteries and connect everything for INSANE range. Well, I managed to use a bunch of plywood and leftover parts in the garage to make something along those lines… without funds or batteries to do the extended range though, I’ll probably use this for an overnight esk8 camping experience! For example, I could: take esk8 to train, train to Sacramento, esk8 to camp spot, esk8 back to train next day, train to Pleasanton, Esk8 to home! Good idea? Or am I just crazy :joy: I think imma sticker bomb it…

Trailer hitch file:


Not…crazy exactly, definitely interesting though! My question is how much range you expect to get, considering that your motors have to haul all those batteries along with yo’ ass, not to mention yo’ ass’s camping gear? :wink: Maybe you could add another motor to the rear trailer wheels to help push?

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Well!! Friggin show us then… Seriously dude. Interested. Upload photos of what you came up with

Ohh. Now I see them. They weren’t loaded yet. I got anxious XD

It’s it stable being that high?? And what motors does your board carry?

I have no idea if it’s stable, haven’t gotten to test it at speed. My board is a single drive SK3 5984 so we’ll see how inefficient it is XD


can it turn? maybe a castor wheel on the front or back would be better for turning

@anorak234 whether it works or not, I love the concept!


I might be able to find something along those lines around the garage…

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It’s horribly inefficient. Probably 20 miles of range with my battery… As I said I only have one SK3 motor, and I have no intention of purchasing another. I’m pretty lightweight and the trailer actually rolls really well so I think it might be fine. Just not very much acceleration

Great idea, not just for camping but also transporting shit from A to B!


Thanks! I’m also pretty proud of the trailer attachment to the board - it’s 3D printable if anyone wants the file



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it looks so nice as is Id hate to see it need the castor wheel but even then with a castor wheel I have no idea how that thing would do. be nice to have one that was super legit for long distance high speed riding! if all it would need was maybe two castor wheels on the front, to be more stable, maybe that would be good. or 4 castors might be a wild ride.

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I wonder if it would work for one of those bike trailers for kids.


I love it.

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Thanks for sharing the design

Dude, i will go eskate camping with you, how many batts you need? I think i might be able to make it from sac up to the crystal basin…

I have no clue how many batteries I’d need to actually make it up there, although it’s around 100 miles so I’m sure your board could do it! Right now the plan is to take the train most of the way up there so that I can get up and back on one charge (I use a 10s6p config of the Same batteries as you atm). Do you know any other eskaters near sac? We should get a group thing going!

Side note: I was doing test runs, about to film a video, when one side of the mount snapped while going over a speed bump. I do however have an earlier video that I will be editing and posting later. The part that broke was 70% infil, and so far every part that I printed at less than 90% has failed. I’ll be getting this made of aluminum before any serious runs, but for anyone who wants to print it make sure it’s at 100%

Probably but I would never trust a 3d part to my kids lives, unless it was fiber infused… I have no kids so this is fictional…but yea