Can 245kv and 260kv motors be used at 10S with VESC

So I talked to my friend and will soon have a brand new enertion vesc 4.12 not sure about batch or anything. My only question is I currently am running a 10s 3p li ion pack with a tb esc and tacon 245kv, I also have a nearly new 260kv sk3, my only question is do I need to sell these motors or can I run them safely with my new vesc. I know about limiting rpm but this is more so a question of not overstressing the components to the point where I fry them going 25mph

Yes, but lower voltage battery than 10s. If I calc it right 8s should be fine.

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Not sure what that title has to do with your question.

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im uprgrading the 12s tb esc to a vesc

cant switch the battery only esc and motor unless i wanna run 6s4p but i think 10s has way more efficiency

yea those are too high kv for 10s, 190’s work well.

I would hold on to the tacon tho, those are rare now.

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Would it be possible to use 10s with 245kv motor and change gearing ration to lower the max speed and increase torque?

I don’t think gear ratio would effect it, it’s about the max ERPM so only the motor side max rpm matters not the wheel rpm. you can limit the max ERPM with the BLDC tool but no one seems to know what the vesc does when you reach this limit, whether it just cruises or shuts off.

I have been using 240Kv with 10S lipo for over month it’s been fine but i haven’t tried to test top speed which is when i think problems would occur. I have set the max ERPM setting to 60,000 which is the recommended max.

If all your other components are the same as someone with 190Kv 10S setup and they can reach 25mph then so can you without frying anything, the problem is that a 245Kv can reach higher RPM with same max voltage which fries the drv chip so you can either try to stay under a certain speed or use the settings in BLDC tool

The point of choosing a motor battery combo that stays under the 60,000 ERPM limit is that there is no chance of frying the drv (you’re not relying on yourself/software to stay under it) and i guess your not paying for more than you need

You should get 25mph easily with 10s and 190kv. That’s a safe setup for Vesc.

I have been running a tb 245kv motor with a vesc at 10s For about 3 months,and put about 120miles on it without So much as a slight problem…

What vesc?

Tb vesc 4.12

ill need to talk to tb about his stock i have about 130 to spend on vesc rn and have been offered 2 brand new enertion 4.12vesc for 65 a piece

I’m not particularly fond of enertions vesc. Even though I have never lost a tb vesc, and i have two in current use, however for my e-mtb i bought a ollin vesc

preference on reliability? and is the 245kv an sk3?

This is a good deal! I have a really early enertion vesc working fine. they are most likely from maytech anyways…

fair enough id just like a reliable vesc that can handle ur motor