Can a 4amp 50v charger be used on a 10s4p battery pack?

Can I use a 4amp 51.4v charger on a 10s4p battery or just 12s batteries. Does it damage cells by fast charging. Do chargers have To match up to battery packs?

Pictures of the charger… with the lid off the frame… there might be a pot you can adjust the voltage on…

If there is not then no it’s not safe to plug in a 12s charger to a 10s…

BMS will likely stop the charger from doing damage but if BMS somehow gets fuckd. You could have a very explody situation in your hands and a very big fire in your house.

Check on alibaba, and you can find a 42volt 4amp charger that will work for 10s Batteries.

The short answer is “NO”. The long answer is “No”.

That said, if you know what you are doing there is a way, but if you don’t know what it is already, then it’s not feasible because it’s too dangerous. Also it would waste power anyway and be inefficient.

DPS5015 + this charger should do the trick?

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