Can a bad IMAX B6 plug adapter mess up your Lipos?

I just balanced charged two lipos yesterday at 1C each to around 90%. I even used one of them on my board. When I checked my batteries today, both were slightly puffy at the ends and are missing one cell each at 0.0 V : (. Can a bad plug adapter do this? I did solder some XT60 connectors onto them… but the soldering job looks fine to me, plenty of solder and solid connection. I’m about done with lipos right now.

Balance leads are fine. One battery is 4S and one is 5S. Both are NEW battery received 9/30. I managed to charged both of them in balance mode and used the 4S for a few minutes. I didn’t have time to use the 5S because they came 30% capacity. I’m just trying to diagnose what I did wrong, because screwing up two NEW batteries like this can’t be a coincidence right?

Check the balance leads. One of the wires may be unplugged. Measure the whole pack and see if it equals about the number of cells you have.

the B6 is pretty good at checking for errors, unless you choose the wrong battery chemistry like I did (once). then all bets are off.

But as far as the balance leads if they are out of order or not providing the voltage it’s looking for it’s pretty good about beeping at you.

Ok, 4S is fine because I forgot to switch from 5S when trying to balance it. I know, stupid mistake, but the 5S is definitely dead. I spoke to a support specialist on hobbyking and he basically stated that this is uncommon, but it happens. We checked a few things, but everything just points to a dead cell. I never took the battery out of house, spent an hour charging it at most, and now I have a bad cell while the other lipo is good. Basically he thinks I have a bad lipo, so RMA is in order. I hope I can get some money back.

You can have a bad cell but 0v? Have you checked the balance leads and measured the whole pack with a multimeter?

The 4S was fine. I just misread the battery meter on the iMax and I forgot to change it to 4S on the balance charge option, so it was reading incorrect number of cells.

I did check the balance leads for both batteries. They’re brand new and the faulty 5S one didn’t even leave the house. The multimeter read 15.09V for the 5S and 16.2 for the 4S. 4S wouldn’t be so bad if I lost a few pounds haha.