Can a hobby charger Imax B6 charge 6 cell?

Hello, I’ve got the charger recently and it came with a 12 Volt power supply. It has a 6-cell output socket and my question is, how is it possible with only 12Volts? Does it charge 3 cells at a time or something?


There is this thing called voltage boost converter :slight_smile: As long as your power supply can supply enough power, this charger will charge up to 6 cells with no problem. Hope you got the original one, clones are known to be really bad at balancing.

What he said

Well, have no idea how it’s supposed to work but OK. The power supply is 12V and 5Amp, I will give it a try… Hope it’s the original one… I guess periodically I can check the cells to make sure they are balanced.

So the power supply brick is capable of supplying 60W power (12V * 5A). Which means that charging power cannot go over 60W either (actually less because of efficiency). 6S pack charging voltage would be 25,2V therefore charging amperage cannot exceed 2.4A (but aim for less).

The charger can step the 12v up or down to match the battery voltage.

O right… didn’t think of that :slight_smile: