Can a motor be locked in full throttle?

Hey !

I was just guessing myself about my biggest fear …! it never happened to me but before bringing my board into busy streets I just wanted to know : What can cause this ?

Everything should be goodly wired on my board but I’m still sceptic lol

I already tried to go on full throttle and to disconnect the controller : the motor is slowly stopping, just like if I just turned off the board so everything should be good but I don’t think that it’s the only way to get locked in full throttle ?

Thank you !

Normally it shouldn’t happen. But there is always the possibility that something goes wrong or that your motor locks up (not full throttle). But normally everything should be alright :smile:

Nice to hear it ! I read few threads here talking about guys who literally flew because of this, since my failsafe is good i’m not supposed to have any problems tho. What about if the receiver went to be disconnected from the VESC when riding ? Same as if there was a regular disconnection from my controller ?

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I dont know why that should happen but if it will just do exactly the same as if you disconnect the remote :smile:

If you are really worried about it then you can use a safety leash on your loop key(assuming you have one) In the event of a fall or failure you can pull the loop and kill the power. Very much like a jetski lanyard. Once you do that though you won’t have any brakes.


I heard about it and it seems to be a really nice idea, my power switch for the moment is just 2 XT90 between the battery and the VESC that I unplug when i’m done but it’s under the board so … i don’t have any more « low awg » wires, I have to order some to do it.

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Bet it’s your reciever! So dangerous. Been locked on full throttle myself. I’ve had a couple receivers have problems of different brands all from physical abuse. Worth protecting them and the wires as they go in

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Don’t think he has actually had the issue but is safe guarding against it. I say full throttle all day long and use a convenient bush to stop. :wink: @Alex753 my friend the thing you should be worried about is no brakes. This can happen very easily for a number of reasons and when they fail unexpectedly it can induce sphincter constriction like nothing else. I have ended up in a few front yards due to this phenomenon. You can build in all kinds of safeguards but in the end you are still hurtling down the road on a plank of wood. Its inherently dangerous and thats why we love it so much.

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Ackmaniac firmware with the progressive braking on loss of signal allays most of my fear… plus the reliability of the mini remote.

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