Can an 8 x 0.15mm nickel strip handle 60-80 amps?

I just saw a thread with people saying it can barely handle 15 amps without getting hot, but I feel like I see most people using that size. I used about 4m of this banggood stuff on my 12s8p battery (sorry if it doesn’t work, I’m on mobile) I tested this battery on a 190kv 6374 single drive probably pulling 40-50 amps, I wasn’t exactly looking for the nickel to heat up, and it was probably around 40 degrees outside. I don’t have a spot welder, so my pack is soldered. I’m not extremely confident in it, but after each battery was soldered, I would stress test and pull on the nickel to see if it stayed. I probably covered around 70-85% of the battery in solder, then soldered a similar amount on the nickel before putting it on the battery and heating from the top and let it sink in to the battery. Let me know with any experience you’ve had. Thanks

Patterns with several tabs per series divide the total amperage between them all. The amperage depends on the number of strips as much as the thickness. Of course you will not use full amperage all of the time but the burst times will convert the power in heat. Wasting power and damaging the cells. If you plan to abuse the pack you better add more layers or copper braids to Handle more amps and improve disipation. Make sure you understand that soldering itself damages the cells, spot welding is better. In case of overheating the soldered parts can get loose and short.

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