Can Any Experienced People Help Me ASAP

Hi, I have been building an electric skateboard, and have been having a bit of trouble with my electrics, I am using 2x 5000mAh 20c lipos battery link going via a xt90s antispark plug, and then to this esc Link for Esc I am not sure what the problem is as the capacitors on the ESC exploded and I am unsure if that was due to wiring the positives and negatives the wrong way, or too high a current. If any one wants to look at the build I am following here is a link. LINK TO PROJECT Please help ASAP :grinning:

Capacitors only explode if you wire them backwards.

Now it’s possible the capacitors were installed backwards at the factory, but I highly doubt that. Break out the multi meter and make sure your wires are doing what they should do.

Thanks for your help, I’m sure that was the reason why, as I don’t see any other reason why with the current set up I am using that it wouldn’t work, but im not very experienced. Could you recommend an ESC for my current build.

The up side, caps are a dime a dozen and can be acquired easily

flipsky vesc for budget (but set your values lower than a “real” vesc) There’s a big thread on them.

I’d get another battery and run the flipsky on 9s, 6s is fine, but since your packs are only 20c, you need to spread that load out. And the increase in voltage will also help reduce amp draw. Don’t want to puff those batteries.

Holyman92 has a point, you can replace the caps, but if it was hooked up backwards I expect other things to also be broken on that car esc.

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As for the esc, get a vesc, or focbox


Thanks, do you think that if I rebought the same esc as last time it would work, or is there a problem that im not seeing here? Also could you provide any links?

Post clear pictures of your wiring please

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Cheers for that link will use that as that is the best ESC for its price

Do not use car ESC on a skateboard because the brakes won’t be smooth and you could be thrown off. Also definitely don’t suggest to other folks to do it.