Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with my pulley set up?

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong here?

(Video Removed - problem solved motors just needed to be switched sides)

Is the motor pulley to close to the mount? Are the wheels not lined up correctly? Not sure what it’s hitting against to make this noise.

Sounds like a lose motor magnet or a broken sensor causing cogging.

Hmmm, I bought them brand new from @JLabs and I just plugged them in for the first time. Maybe it’s something else?

have you tried with the belts removed?

I’ll do that now!

Still the same without the belts

Took it completely off the mounts and held it in my hand and it’s still doing the same thing

So its still either a broken hall sensor or a loose magnet. The only other thing i can think of is your settings might not be identical to each other. Can you post pictures of your motor settings?

Also make sure ti check that all connections are making full contact and nothing is loose. But i really think its a bad hall sensor.

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Yeah, I just used the unity recommended settings I believe.

I see. Open up the motor and check the hall sensors along with the solder job on the pcb holding the sensors. Here’s a pic of what it shouldnt look like.

20190210_131041 20190210_131124

And what it should look like.


Here are the motor settings:


Don’t open that motor until you check your warranty. I would just contact @JLabs and get some feedback.


Yeah, I haven’t touched either of them and don’t plan on opening them.

Have you tried it with the hall sensors unplugged? Is it in foc or bldc?

Yes, same thing with hall sensors unplugged although I think it’s slightly less severe jerking.

It really sounds mechanical. Magnet or bearing. Most likely a loose magnet. You can check the phase wiring easily without opening it up to see if there is a short in there. Three wires from the motor are A B and C Disconnect the motor from the ESC

Touch A+B together. Verify the motor has choppy brakes Touch A+C together. Verify the motor has choppy brakes Touch B+C together. Verify the motor has choppy brakes Touch A+B+C together. Verify the motor has SMOOTH brakes that are much stronger

All the choppy brakes should feel the same. If one is weaker or stronger or if anything isn’t as described above, it means you might have winding issues.

Did you try swapping the motor to the other phase leads and see if the same problem occurs?

I’m not exactly sure what the issue is because it sounds like a loose magnet in the first video, and half a shorter phase wire in the second. Swapping the motors will rule this out.

No matter the issue, I’ll take care of it in the end.


Have you set up your unity!? It sounds to me like you need to run motor detection and hit apply button

Yes I already did that