Can I add 2 more new lipos to my current setup?

So I am currently using a pair of 6s 6000Mah batteries that are of the higher quality side, and I’m wondering if I can just add two more of the exact same lipos in parallel so I can double my range. I know its possible, but would the older lipos that I already have become damaged or something because the new packs are newer and have fewer cycles on them? Note: My current lipos have been used for around 9 months and probably have around 100-130 Cycles

Possible, but you have to keep a close eye on the old ones. As long as the voltage of each cell is more or less similar at the end of a ride across all lipos, you’ll be fine. Also monitor all cells during your ride with voltage alarms.

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Would I just have to do this for only a few rides? Or would I have to constantly monitor my batteries every time I ride?

No, it should be fine.

just make sure that if you have the two old Lipos in series, add the two new ones in parallel to each one. Do not mix and match the old and new ones in series.

When you first connect them, the packs MUST be at the same voltage.


how close in voltage do you think cells put in parallel should be to each other?

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Within 0.05 V to be on the safe side. That, or just fully charge them to 4.2 and you should be good to go.

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I personally check for cells reaching 3.6v during a ride/voltage alarm, which is my cutoff/end of ride, thus if one cell hits that I stop.

During charging I check the resting voltage of all lipos/cells. If one is off in a major fashion (more than 0.05v) I know something is up.

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Mannn, they need to come with smthng different. Its a buggle. Battery technology must advance to a different chemical composition. Watching over each cell while they charge or they will bring down an airliner or torch down a building?? Com’onnnn mannn!! This is ridiculous.

There’s lithium iron cells. Huge power n no possible fire. And like four times the cycles as lithium ion. But its not that hard. U can get a bms. Or a true lithium charger. Or set ur bulk charger to a safer 4.1 a cell and give cells a quick look when charging. Lately feeling having like 48 cells is a risk as they can disconnect or have a hole and better off w an easy 6 packs of lipo and easy plugs. At least if lipo go in flames its not like shotgun shells shooting out.

just check the resistance of ur cells every now and then.

Fully charge both of them with the same charger on the same settings, then check them with a multimeter.

Once you hook them in parallel, don’t unhook them

This only happens when folks want to use lipos with no BMS. You can still just add a BMS and use a 2-wire laptop-style charger which is highly recommended.

Yeah, a properly installed quality BMS will stop near all failiures excluding rupture / puncturing of cells from an outside force

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Im looking to do this aswel, don’t have as many cycles as you, I have 2 lipos in parallel and want to add a 3rd i have a imax b6 and my plan is to discharge them each one at a time to storage voltage, hook them all up then charge them all up at once to 4.2v per cell. Is this a good way of doing this?

Should be fine. Just keep monitoring them.

Even with new lipos there are differences that will cause a pack to fail sooner than others.

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