Can I Add battery capacity to a benchwheel without to much modification?

I recently purchased a benchwheel and want to add capacity and range to my battery. What’s the best way to go about this upgrade?

How much range are you currently getting?

Currently, fully​ charged​, mostly flat road (a few small-medium hills), no wind, and my 200 lbs self I get Approx 5-7 mi @ 12-16 MPH, then after discharge, Approx 2-4 mi @ 6-10 MPH until it’s speed starts to crawl slowly and eventually STOPS.

I have the duel 1800w if it makes any​ difference for adding battery capacity and range.

That’s alot less then what I used to get. Maybe there’s something wrong with your board? The furthest I ever rode it was about 22kms before I felt the battery dying. And I wasn’t very stingy on the throttle.

There’s a very small 6s battery on the benchwheel. Its the bottleneck of the board. You could solder a voltage meter between the battery and esc

What’s your weight? Because that’s a huge factor.

I’m about 70kg give or take. I live on top of a hill too, so it’s part of my route every time. It’s like about 18-20% grade.

70kg vs 90kg That’s a huge difference. So there’s probably nothing wrong with the board, it’s just under powered.

Adding cells to an existing pack is not reccomended because even if you use the same exact cell type they still have different cycle life’s as one is brand new and one is used which means they will behave differently (different capacity and discharge curve)

Is it THAT dangerous … not really. If you want to do it right it’s a bit time consuming.