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Can i build an electric skateboard from parts i want to use?

So i already have a sk3 6364 245kv motor, and the parts i need to get and want are the 10s lipo battery, a VESC, a Single Bolt On Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit , and a TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Mini Remote Controller! do i need anything else, do i need wires or do they come with it? do i need chargers?..does the Single Bolt On Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit come with trucks?..with all the parts i mentioned that i needed including the deck, am i missing something? do i need wires to connect the battery with the VESC or does it come with it?

bro no lie this is your 4th post discussing the same thing. I understand ur a noob but u need to ask these questions on a single topic. Im trying to be as kind as possible but this is quickly becoming annoying and u have already been warned twice.

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it pops on everyones feed sir so get over it no one wants to see something that they’ve seen a thousand times.

If you got questions pm I’m happy to help

READ READ READ!!!plenty of info on here and ES spend a few weeks reading about others builds. We have sticky threads specifically for your questions and if not you are online and there is Google and YouTube… Good luck

If you haven’t got your VESC yet. You have plenty of time to read on these stuff before you get one, at least a month I believe.
Search button helps a lot too.

Seriously one topic is enough. and play nice, people are trying to help you out.


This has gone on long enough. Everyone has been trying to offer good advice. Your questions, all of them!, could be answered using the search bar. Reading also helps you gain knowledge. Bombarding everyone with questions spread out over multiple threads is pointless. It just ties up space. Seriously, wouldn’t it be easier for you to have one thread to refer back to? Or better yet, wouldn’t it be easier and beneficial to you too just do a little research?