Can I calculate the (kv*) of this motor?

Ok so might be a dumb question, on a calculator like so https://calc./#/0

What would I input for the drive trail values? I understand Id need to put in 1 for motor and wheel pulley, but what do I put for the kv and poles values?

Thanks for helping me through this. Also from what the company has told me, this motor can only be configured up to 600W.

Fixed the title

technically it’s the reciprocal of the back emf constant, Ke. we should call it the volt constant of a motor. everyone just says kilovolt. that’s why I’m amused by the name RCers and eSK8 ppl use for Kv

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you can’t, the data isn’t provided. if you leave it at 14 poles it will still be in the ball park.

254 for wheel size. 10.5 for Kv

plug in what battery data you are planning on going with


:pray: Thank you once again :smile:

quite welcome, I’m stuck waiting for a slow data process at work.

when that happens, I go around a couple of forums and stackoverflow and answer what questions I can


Close. :smirk:

Kv is approximately rpm per volt

kV is kilovolt

I got a similar number based on their ratings which may or may not have marketing department exaggeration, but it’s similar to what @olestra got

I would actually recommend asking them, and letting us know too :slight_smile:

Also with a Kv that low, hall sensors will be very important, so make sure those are present.

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Thank you, will check this! Do you think this is powerful enough to run a longboard with a 10s5p setup? Or should I go for something more powerful.

I would definitely never use that motor for a longboard because it’s too big.

If you were trying to make a single-wheeled skateboard (Onewheel-style) that might be another story. I’m not sure what you want.

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Its kinda hard to explain, basically something like this:


In that case, it may be a fantastic motor choice

You’re going to need to run fully sensored so make sure the sensors are good and you get them nice and waterproofed after you receive the motor


Ok awesome, just wanna make sure it will actually move me before I buy it :sweat_smile:

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Before you buy it, I’d ask for more specs though LoL. Because after you buy it places are less likely to help you :slight_smile:

Shhhhhhh it’s the auto capitals fault, fixed

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Will do for sure. Thanks!

Dang man, dude that thing your building looks sick, are you going to make a build thread?

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Most definitely. Once I get all my parts together Ill have a detailed thread. Gonna put some ski sleds on it to make it work in heavy snow too, should be fun!

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Have you got wheel/motor parameters from peipeiscooter?

Huh never saw this thread. Good one.

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