Can I carry it with airplane


I have a mountain skateboard and I want to travel with it in USA. Can I carry it ? Do I have to pay something to carry it ? Do I need some bag to carry it ?

I think airlines limit battery size to 99wh. What size is your battery? It may be easier to ship it here

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You can have up to 2 batteries that are 100-160wh and unlimited batteries under 99wh.

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Even so, you need special airline approval for 100-160wh. They usually don’t let you, but it depends on the airline.

Actually I dont have batteries I just wanna carry my board

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plottwist of the day :smiley:


Depending on the size it will be checked baggage. They are rough on things. I would recommend a hard case or something with lots of padding. It depends on the airline but yes normally you pay for checked baggage. $25-50 per bag.

It depends on the airline. 99wh is usually the limit. But if you use 18650 cells (or other cells for that matter) that are spotwelded, soldered or tampered with in any way, you can’t carry it on a flight