Can I charge my extra Boosted Board batteries not on my board?

When I plug in my extra boosted board batteries to my charger the light does not turn green after they are charge up. Any known issues with doing this? Assuming it’s using the built in BMS…

What gen boosted board?

thats weird, i would think you could. i don’t think it matters what gen boosted as the battery is an extra one, therefore bought gen2 or gen3? can u post pictures?

Gen 2 battery. Charges fine, just does not turn green when finished when plugged into the charger only without the board.

ohhhh. have u contacted boosted

I don’t think it turns green, but it will charge it and then stop once it reaches 100%. I do this all of the time switching between my xr and standard range

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does boosted use 10s4p battery for extended range?

No, it’s 12s I believe.

12s2p? or just a 12s

I don’t know I haven’t opened one. I’m sure it’s more than 12s2p tho