Can I connect a 12S battery to my shitty Backfire G2 Black ESC?

The cheapo battery in my cheap ass, but at least reliable Backfire G2 Black has pretty bad sag now. Can only get about 5 miles in stead of 10-12 like I used to. Has 540 miles on it so far.

Currently has a 10S2P battery. Can I hook up a 12S battery to this ESC?

Their replacement hub motors on their site says they are a valid replacement to the G2, G3, G3+, etc., but the G3 models all have 12S batteries. Their ESC’s might be unique per model, but I can’t tell from their site… maybe I should just shoot them an email.

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That depends on the esc in question. If it came with a 10s battery, it probably work with a 10s. Better to keep it safe than sorry.


I don’t care if I destroy the ESC though. I’m looking at it more like a fun experiment. :smiley:

I’ll email them and see what they say.

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Go for it. I would love to know myself how it works out.