Can I get confirmation that this would work? Trampa Tire and bindings question


The 7 inch is an add-on, but I just want to make sure this works 030

Yep, the 7 inch inner tubes fit the 6.5 inch, just gotta pump a bit less due to the 6.5 inch tyres being a bit smaller than the 7

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Thanks, I figured that but you never know… x)

Yea, good to get confirmation. Would’ve sucked to buy something that doesn’t fit. Whaddya gonna fit them to?

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well Gronzly gifted me some hypa hubs, so those :slight_smile:

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O seend pm to you

roger roger.

Watching the skies.

I dont understand your PM im sorry its just a picture. Please elaborate

no hablo mucho espanol porque no pagar attencion in clase ;-;

plz dont kill me if thats wrong

oh i see, thanks

hey wait since you guys seem pretty knowledgeable, Should I get the holy carve for these bindings?

Or would the regular carve work

Idk how to install them :>

Ah i can’t help on that, i don’t have a trampa deck nor bindings. Perhaps someone who has em can chime in.

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@Sn4Pz you should change the title a bit for deck and bindings too haha, so those who see the title can give some info if needed. If not @trampa might know too

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I believe that you just need to order binding holes if you don’t buy a complete. But like was said before, @trampa is the best source

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7" tubes work on 6.5" tires. All bindings fit any of our decks. We can drill the deck for you. There is also a drillage manual under HQ>>Manuals.


Thank you :blush:

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