Can I get some overview before I make these connections and possibly fry another $50 BMS?

I’m getting some really good help from a few users here via pm but I just want to make a public post to get some second opinions.

This is going to be semi extensive.

Here are the 2 diagrams I’m working with. imageimage

I am using a bestech hcx-596 BMS which is the new version of the 223v1 that everyone uses.

1). I have my balance leads 1-12 soldered correctly. I have b-0 left unsoldered for now. Once I am ready to continue, I will have a lead going from the battery packs ground to the BMS B- pad and the B- pad will go to B-0 (before plugging the rest of the leads into the BMS).


2). The BMS requires a switch to be attached. Should I do this now or later? Will this one work? How would I attach this as there are 4 lugs on the switch and only 2 wires on the BMS?


3). My main concern right now is that since balance leads 11 and 12 are on a different plug then 0-10, it will be impossible to plug them into the BMS at the exact same time. Will this be an issue? Or can I just plug in the 0-10 connection plug followed by the 11-12 plug and would that be okay? Or will I fry the BMS?

Here’s a pic showing that the plugs are separated.


Or should I de solder everything and start over and follow these instructions per Lucy from bestech? The part I don’t understand is where she says “if the connectors and wires are not matched then don’t plug into the PCM.”

What does that mean? Not matched like how my 11 and 12 are seperated from 0-10? Or is she saying something else?


Heres a simpler and cleaner diagram

Measure the voltages 3 times before connecting it from 1st to 10th and backimage

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Bat pack ground - 0 B1 - 3.4 B2 - 6.87 B3 - 10.3 B4 - 13.74 B5 - 17.18 B6 - 20.61 B7 - 24.04 B8 - 27.47 B9 - 30.91 B10 - 34.35 B11 - 37.7 B12 - 41.2

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