Can I mod 2x onan x1’s into one 4wd hub drive

Hey guys I’m new here and new to esk8 in general. I’m a lifelong skater and an RC enthusiast though so I have soldering skills and basic component knowledge etc.I’ve just bought 2 complete Onan x1’s for an unbelievably cheap price. I’m around 210lb and live in the mountains. The x1 was great fun but it’s just not powerful enough for me already. It struggles and even stops dead up most hills. I can’t stop wondering if it’s possible to configure both boosters to run as a 4wd? I know I’d need 2xdual or 4 independent esc’s or vesc’s ,new controller and receiver etc.But that’s where I’m stuck. What else would be needed to make my budget 4w hubdrive a reality? Also is dual battery possible using the stock 10s2p packs? Or would I need to build them into one big 10s 4p? Apologies if these are ignorant questions but I couldn’t find what I needed in other topics. Any help is appreciated.

What hardware do you currently have exactly?

I have 2 complete board and booster setups. They are Onan x1’s. Each setup comes with a 10s2p removable battery pack(Samsung lithium ion cells.not sure which ones?) 2x 500w hub drive motors. Trucks are built in to the battery and esc housing. A dual motor esc (unsure what its specs are) And a maple cruiser style long board.image