Can i put the battery and esc in a plastic bag or will it burn

my pc monitor came with one of those cover bags and i think it would be pretty smart to use it on my diy project to put the esc and battery into it and just make a small hole on the side for the motor cable


Make sure you put foil on it to, helps transmit signal better

Come on cris tf :rofl:


I’m sorry. I’ll be better. I just thought it would help with water distribution and remote signal.

what water

The water you WILL encounter at some point. but please don’t put foil on anything. Lol. Not unless Ryan says it’s ok.

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but can i use that bag or no

Put a picture of it

i did, its right under the title

image esc will overheat. need air

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but it doesnt get any air in the enclosure either since it would be sealed

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I have 5 of these, they are ptryy cool.

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man you tripping, im using china hubs i dont need a whole heatsink

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better hope you run out of battery before it overheats then, just hard for us to guess how well whatever you will make will work without seeing it first.


i showed the parts in a thread here but they havent arrived yet esk9 build fr)