Can I replace speed control potentiometer with wireless receiver

Basically like the title says it…I have a very cheap build as I am a poor guy who loves to ride: 600w dc motor 36v lead batteries Cheap 36v speed controller Apart from the speed controller, this was a maverix 600w cruiser. The speed controller died recently so I’ve searched far and wide and all I found was this cheap controller but it functions using a wired potentiometer. I still have the receiver and remote that used to connect to the old controller and would like to continue using it…thanks for any useful and constructive responses

Potentiometer works with changing voltage while the RC remote we normally use is using PWM signal. They are very different.

Thank you for the response but I forgot to mention I am a complete noob to all of this and therefore sadly don’t understand quite what youre telling me. I want to cutoff the pot and resolder the cables onto a receiver. If that can’t work, what would (without having to empty my slim wallet)?

Will not work. They are different in principle. Cant you buy the same esc as before? Hobbyking has some ESCs

No. On that part I got slightly screwed as every single maverix authorized dealer in Canada has closed shop.maverix USA only ships to USA and I know no-one that could then resend it back to me without it costing an arm. Therefore I am trying to make it work with what I have

Some places in the US ship for free within Lower 48. Try a place called they will receive the package and ship to you. I never understand what the big deal is shipping to Canada. It’s just an extra form. Same as when we ship to the US. Good luck.